Important Mohs Surgery Facts

Recently there has been growing interest in a surgery technique in dermatology known as Mohs Surgery, or Mohs Micrographic Surgery. Over the past few years, we have noted significantly increased advertising for this surgical technique. Therefore we feel that our patients and the community need to be better informed regarding Mohs surgery and its advantages and disadvantages.

Some Facts You Should Know...

What is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs Surgery is a variation of a standard dermatological excision in which the cancer is excised but in sort of a scoop, so that more of the margin can be checked than with usual pathology. It was a major advance in treatment for certain skin cancers.

Mohs Surgery is intended for Only Certain Skin Cancers

Mohs surgery was developed about 40 years ago primarily for the removal of particular Basal Cell Cancers (BCCs), including those that are large, recurrent after prior therapy, spread in different directions, are in sensitive locations including around the eyes nose ears etc, or are located where it’s important to spare tissue. t is also used for Squamous Cell Carcinomas (SCCs) that have similar characteristics. It is not intended for the treatment of all skin cancers. In addition, we feel Mohs is of little added value for most melanomas.

Does Mohs Surgery Leave Less Scar?

For the same sized defect just having Mohs does not leave any better scar than normal dermatological surgical excisions. The advantage of Mohs may be in leaving a smaller defect. For similar defects, how a scar looks after surgery depends on the reconstruction done, the skill of the surgeon and the person’s healing, not on whether Mohs was done.

We have a very high cure rate, and we use Mohs to help in certain cancers

The most important question for you as a patient is what treatment has a higher success rate for the removal of your skin cancer and is better at preventing your skin cancer from recurring. We use Mohs surgery but also other proven dermatological surgical techniques including excision, curettage and desiccation and others to treat skin cancer and in our office we have a 98-99% cure rate for skin cancer treatment, which is excellent, and we are very proud of that.

Choosing the RIGHT Treatment for Skin Cancer

At the Advanced Dermatology Center we always try to select the best therapy for each patient and each cancer. Those therapies include Dermatological Surgical Excision, Cryosurgery, Curettage, Radiation and also Mohs.

We feel that Mohs is best used in specific and particular skin cancer cases and in those cases we use it At the Advanced Dermatology Center we make the same recommendation to you that we would to members of our own family.

If you have been diagnosed with a skin cancer or have a suspicious growth or change in your skin, it is important for you to seek proper medical care as soon as possible. Certain skin cancers can be life threatening, so we urge you to call as soon as possible to schedule a consultation.

Advanced Dermatology Center

For more information about skin cancer, feel free to visit the Skin Cancer Information section of our website. You can also view photographs of some of the skin cancer surgeries we've performed in the Skin Cancer Surgery Photos section of our Photo Gallery.

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