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At the Advanced Dermatology Center of Columbus, GA, we provide a variety of Laser Procedures to meet your unique needs and to treat a variety of skin conditions...

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Port Wine Stains Birthmarks- Advanced Dermatology Center of Columbus- Dr Thomas Steinberg MD Port Wine Stains & Birthmarks

Vascular birthmarks are made up of blood vessels of different sizes in the skin.  There are different types of birthmarks, such as Port Wine Stains and Strawberry Hemangiomas and they can range in color from flesh-colored to red, pink or purple.  These can be a major aesthetic and sometimes functional problem, especially when they are on the face and can be emotionally devastating.  In the past, people had to make due with coverup makeup.  Now we can treat these Hemangiomas with our lasers.  We treat both children and adults. 

Duration of treatment will generally depend on the depth, location and color, as well as the patient's skin type and age, but generally patients should expect to have a course of multiple treatments to gradually fade the Hemangioma or Port Wine Stain.

Laser Tattoo Removal

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The Advanced Dermatology Center of Columbus, GA is proud to offer a breakthrough in treatment for vitiligo. Please click on the vitiligo button below to visit our special page which discusses this disorder and its treatment.


What our patients have to say...

"I am super pleased with the results. I have noticed less discoloration – just a much more even skin tone. My skin is much firmer to the touch and has a nice healthy glow. In addition to the Matrix treatment I love the results of the Radiesse. I would recommend both treatments to anyone."

- M.M., 1-½ months after Matrix -


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Advanced Dermatology Center of Columbus- Dr Thomas Steinberg MD

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